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The Flex is a beautifully engineered sport earphone that is made for your active lifestyle. Ergonomically designed for comfort, the Flex’s unique and proprietary form fitting ear hooks lock the earphones in place to guarantee the earphones not to fall out.

SOUL SPORTS was inspired and developed with the inputs of professional athletes in the likes of 6-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt, aka “The World’s Fastest Man”.


SOUL SPORTS provides a competitive advantage with a secure and comfortable fit like the compression gear athletes are using today. Every product lives by the motto “Guaranteed To Stay On” as the only true full sports functional headphones / earphones assortment in the industry.

Flex Fit Earhooks

Ergonomically designed for comfort and fit regardless of the shape of your ears, the Flex’s unique and proprietary form-fitting antibacterial ear hooks guarantee the earphones not to fall out.

Water/Sweat proof

Adhering to the IPX5 waterproof standards, the Flex is washable and engineered to function under the most arduous workouts and toughest environments.

Supreme Comfort

Designed to not weigh you down while working out, training and exercising, the materials on the Flex are carefully chosen to be light, flexible and comfortable for long wearing sessions without ear fatigue.

Advanced Driver And Circuitry Design

Engineered with SOUL's signature sound for pure balance of powerful bass and clear mids and highs.

Tangle Free Audio Cable with sweat Resistant Apple® In-Line Controller

Eliminates the need to constantly untangle your headphone cable. Allows instant use every time.

Sporty Carrying Pouch

Soft carry pouch for easy storage and protection.





37W x 54H x 26D (mm)

Connector Type

1/8" (3.5mm) Gold Plated

Operating keys

Answer / end key, volume control

Cable length

1.2 m / 49 in.

Washable / Sweat resistant

Earpiece Washable (Remote iPX2 and Earpiece iPX5)

What's included

Ear Tips

Soft Pouch


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