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BLADE - Wireless Fitness Earphones


World’s First A.I. Hearable to Minimize Risk of Running Injury by Real-time Voice Coaching

Your Personal A.I. Coach to Help You Stand Away From Injury

Equipped with SOUL’s real-time personalized A.I. voice coaching technology and BiomechEngine™ sensor, BLADE is able to monitor your running form and provide instant feedback to correct your posture seamlessly. With a proper running posture, risk of different kinds of running injuries, such as Runner's knee, Hamstring issues and etc, would be greatly minimized.

Monitor Your Body Condition With Smart Heart Rate Sensor

Built-in Smart Heart Rate Sensor to Monitor Your Body Condition When beginning a workout session, you may need to gradually build up to a level that is within your target heart rate zone. Unlike other tracking devices, BLADE provides coaching advices by alerting you once the target heart rate zone has been reached. Such function is designed to reduce risk of injury.

BLADE, the new generation of smart sport technology.
Truly Wireless design with sports tech; greatly reduces risk of running injury

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