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Little Big Man: Soul's Storm Weatherproof Wireless Speaker Packs an Outsized Party Punch

Posted on 01 September 2017

SOUL Storm portable waterproof bluetooth speaker

There's nothing like maxing out poolside on a hot summer's afternoon. And no pool party would be complete without good music. Wireless, Bluetooth speakers are obviously the way to go, but there are obviously some important considerations in choosing the right device.

Think about it: What is usually happening at the typical pool party? Cold beers, sangria and other summer tipples are being slurped, while everyone is is enjoying themselves, jumping in and out of the pool and splashing around. It's a a great vibe but also a potential disaster in the offing when it comes to looking after your electronic equipment.

As the party bounces into full effect, a portable speaker is inevitably going to gets moved and bumped around. It doesn't take much to guess what could happen – someone bombs the pool and a mini tsunami engulfs the speaker. Worse yet, a merrymaker reaches for his bottle and knocks the speaker straight into the watery depths. Suddenly the sounds splutter out, the beat that underscored the party collapses, the mood is dampened.

But fear not, party people! Always thinking of the customer's specific needs, Soul is unveiling the Storm Weatherproof Wireless Speaker. This palm-sized piece of audio art combines portability, the signature sound you've come to expect from Soul products, and – best of all – a partyproof design that allows it to withstand the inevitable pitfalls and mishaps that are part and parcel of outdoor summer madness.

Not only does the Storm stand up to rain, snow and a host of other harsh and inclement weather conditions, it can be dropped into water with no ill effects. In tests, the Soul has survived intact and continued to pump tunes even when fully submerged in water as demonstrated in this video here.

The speaker adheres to the IP67 protections standard. In layman's terms, that means it is dust proof – making it the ideal sound solution for the hot, dry, sandy conditions on beach – and capable of withstanding water immersion to a depth of up to one meter for 30 minutes.

One supercool feature is the way the Storm sprays out the water from the speaker grill once it has been retrieved from under the water. To be honest, though, you don't even need to worry about the speaker going under, for one simple reason: the Storm is buoyant. Yup, that's right. This speaker floats on the surface of the water, so you can chuck it straight in the pool and have it sitting there on the surface with you as you engage in all kinds of aquatic antics.

Now how about some of the specs and standout features? Small in size, but big on sound, this compact speaker delivers a 5-watt output that combines a full, in-depth range with a genuinely lifelike sound. It features a smooth, non-slip silicone sleeve that makes it comfortable to hold and ensures that is less likely to get knocked off tables and what-not. Even if does hit the deck, the sleeve provides ample protection against any serious damage.

Another great element of the Storm is its carabiner loop. The speaker comes with a separate carabiner – a little metal shackle – which can be attached to small opening at the top of the speaker. This allows you to hang the speaker wherever you like, including – if you feel like getting '80s hip-hop with it – around your neck, Flavor Flav clock style.

On the playtime front, the Storm has eight hours of life, which will keep it going for much of your party, before you need to give it some more juice. The speaker's compactness, lightweight build (162g) and portability – particularly the carabiner function – make recharging super convenient as it can be placed or dangled almost anywhere. The speaker also has a range of 10 meters (33 feet) from the device it is paired with.

Finally, with guests coming and going at your pool party, you might need to make and take calls. With its hand free function, you won't have to worry about fiddling with your phone or a separate device. The Storm has you covered.

Now available in a limited edition Storm Camo model, which includes Green Stealth, Blue Force and Red Desert colors, the Storm Weatherproof Wireless Speaker is the perfect party companion and a speaker for all seasons.

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