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Posted on 13 June 2016

Sleek design with first ever interchangeable ear lock system provides comfort and style while running or on-the-go

April 10, 2015- SOUL, a global leader in pro and consumer audio designed for the active and fitness-oriented lifestyle, introduces the Run Free Pro, the first Bluetooth in-ear headphones that are guaranteed to never fall off or fall out. SOUL’s Run Free Pro delivers the ultimate listening experience for the active lifestyle community while embodying the brands core elements: power, clarity and comfort.

The Run Free Pro Bluetooth in-ear headphones provides active users with a sleek, on-trend design guaranteed to stay on and in your ears with SOUL’s proprietary interchangeable ear lock system. The system ensures a safe and custom fit with ear-locks that are sized differently and snap seamlessly onto the earphone body which then gives each user the perfect seal.

“The Run Free Pro exemplifies an audio accessory that perfectly complements hitting the streets for a run or sustaining an active lifestyle. This means as someone is running and, often times, earbuds will fall out, the lock will securely keep the earphone body tight and in place,” says Jerry Lai, Marketing Manager for SOUL. “We wanted to create more products for the fitness and active lifestyle, with the goal to maintain the same SOUL brand identity.”

Whether you are running or on-the-go, the Run Free Pro features a reversible fitting option that enables the cable to be moved over or under your ear for superior comfort. Coupled with a wind noise reduction technology that eliminates wind interference, the sporty and fashionable waterproof Run Free Pro further exemplifies SOUL blend of high-performance sound and fashion elements.

SOUL’s ultimate active earphone features Bluetooth v.4.0 connectivity for easy pairing a low energy consumption, and apt-X stereo audio decoder, a technology that has revolutionized Bluetooth listening by delivering CD-like quality audio over Bluetooth. Listeners can expect to hear excellent bass, and clean mids and highs every time with each SOUL product. Fast speed auto pairing, long playtime and an ergonomic remote control mic complete the Run Free Pro allowing users to be connected to the max during their daily grind.

The Run Free Pro is available for USD$129 at or and is available in storm black and electric blue.

About SOUL
SOUL is a global leader in consumer electronics and manufacturing with a rich history in delivering innovative technology concepts. Accustomed to pushing the envelope in the consumer electronics world, the group represents a vision for innovative superior designs with state of the art acoustics.

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