Posted on 13 June 2016

Reading your Tweets today, we came to the conclusion we have the greatest fans in the universe.  We appreciate your input, which is critical to our development.  You are fun, creative, smart, and most of all you are NOT afraid to tell us what you think.  Thank you for following us – keep bringing it and we’ll promise to keep up!

Sweet Tweeps of the week we are now following…

following @irmiita RT:  Get with the system and purchase your SOUL headphones by @Ludacris!  @SoulbyLudacris

following @lilfatedtp RT: @Ludacris @SoulbyLudacris I got mine, get yours!!!!!

following @DRIZZADON RT: In asia getting it in with @SoulbyLudacris @lilfatedtp @younginfamous

following @AnolahBlackFox RT: @SoulbyLudacris I was finally able to buy the Soul earphones… I’m beyond satisfied with this product!  Shoutout to Luda! lol

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