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Posted on 13 June 2016 weighs in on all aspects of the SL150: The Fit and Finish, All About The Sound, Which Is The Better $200 Headphone, Last Word, & a Rating Chart for Price Point & Demographic.  Enjoy!  I know we did.

“As a reviewer, I attempt to put myself in the shoes of a consumer who just spent their hard-earned money on a new pair of headphones and is unboxing their new pair of headphones for the first time.  There is a degree of excitement when opening a nicely packaged, sleek and stylish headphone.  The SOUL SL150BW fit the bill here! The SL150CB is the black version of this model.  I have to admit, due to the rarity of white headphone models, I’m a sucker for white-colored headphones.  Those who enjoy thoughtful stylish details will also enjoy the stitching on the inner-side of the headband.  This slick-looking cosmetic embellishment is featured on all SOUL full size and on-ear models…. ”


“… the SL150 wins by a significant margin.”

“… With every song I threw at it, the SL150 showed to be the better sounding headphone.”

“… Be comparison the SL150 sounds remarkably better.”


Click here to read the review in it’s entirety: – Headphone and Earphone Blog – We Know Headphones SOUL by Ludacris SL150 Headphone Review »

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