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Party in a Box

Big Sound Matters

The PIAB P910 is the ultimate wireless, high performance entertainment system. Unmatched in its class, this innovative system generates the dynamic sound of a full home theater system in the form of a portable and stylish box. A powerful 8-speaker omnidirectional hybrid system fills the room with unparalleled deep bass, and crystal clear mids and highs, while wireless technology allows streaming of music through Bluetooth.The PIAB is the perfect entertainment system for the home, school dorm, outdoors, or anywhere an instant party-maker is desired.

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Party in a Box

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Big Sound Matters

With 8 total speakers the Party in a Box experience will surpass any single unit audio system you have ever listened to. This simply means your music will be Louder, Deeper and Clearer than any other system it's size.

Connect Any Device

The Party in a Box has limitless capabilities for any device that you own. With it's built in dock you can connect any iPhone, iPod and iPad device as well as any bluetooth device. You can even plug a microphone and start a karaoke party anytime.

The Party Maker

The Front Panel VU Meter will show everyone just how Big your sound really is. Party in a Box's preset EQ is optimized for any type of party you want to throw whether its hip hop or classical your guests are sure to be impressed. The programmable LED lights dance to your music in all colors to really get your party going.


Omnidirectional 8 Speaker Hybrid System

Powerful 8 Speaker System with Side Firing dual 6.5" Subwoofers, 3" Midrange Speakers and 1" Tweeters. On Addition Front Firing Dual 1.5" Midrange Drivers.

Bluetooth With AptX® Audio

Stream Music Wirelessly from Your Bluetooth Enabled Devices. aptX® Audio Coding Delivers CD Quality Wirelessly Over Bluetooth.

Karaoke Mode

Allows User to Sing Along with their Favorite Songs.

USB Charging Port And Media Playback

Allows for Charging of Mobile Devices through the USB Port and Playback of Audio Files through a USB Stick.

VU Analog Meters

The VU Meter Displays the Current Voltage Output of the Party in a Box. Watch the Needles Jump Back and FOrth with the Music Playing on the Party in a Box.

IR Remote Control

Control the Party in a Box from the comfort of your Own Bed or Couch

Technical Specification

Speaker system: Side firing dual 6.5” subwoofers, 3” midrange speakers and 1” tweeters, Front firing dual 1.5” midrange drivers

Dimension: 19.9 in. (Length) X 13.89 in. (Height) X 9.51 in. (Depth)
AC/DC Power Supply: 110V to 240V AC 50/60 Hz
Weight: 27 lbs

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