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Live your SOUL of Greatness... just like the Fastest Man Alive

27 June 2013

Live your SOUL of Greatness just like the Fastest Man Alive

Does Greatness have a SOUL? Hell yeah it does...and Jamaican sprint superstar Usain Bolt is ready to inspire you to get in the zone and unlock the greatness that lives in you. Join us as we unveil the first video in our SOUL of Greatness series starring Bolt, and voiced by Ludacris, "Wins Like This".  Known for his intense drive, Bolt’s success is fueled by fierce determination, a focus championed by our high definition SOUL headphones.  Listening to music blocks out distractions, allowing him to concentrate and be first across the finish line.

Our SOUL of Greatness series will include several video spots, each featuring the story of a world-class superstar.  The dynamic campaign illustrates how victory is always possible with preparation, hard work, and motivation…and highlights the important role a great sounding pair of SOUL headphones can play in achieving greatness. Stay tuned, and become part of this movement...because there's a lot more to come. Click here to watch video!

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