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Storm - Weatherproof Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth
13 November 2015

STORM, a floatable wireless Bluetooth speaker that offers high performance in quality and features. Floatable Design, IP66 Protection for Outdoor Enthusiasts The STORM delivers fantastic value for outdoor enthusiasts with an active lifestyle. It...

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SOUL’s New Color of RUN FREE PRO Fire Red Wireless Sports Headphones
20 August 2015

SOUL’s New Color of RUN FREE PRO Fire Red Wireless Sports Headphones RUN FREE PRO features proprietary ear lock system that is guaranteed to stay on 20 August, 2015 - SOUL, a global leader in quality audio, announced it has launched the new col...

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Run Free Pro, the in-ear sports headphone designed to never fall off
17 April 2015

Sleek design with first ever interchangeable ear lock system provides comfort and style while running or on-the-go April 10, 2015- SOUL Electronics, a global leader in pro and consumer audio designed for the active and fitness-oriented lifestyle, ...

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8 August 2014

(2014年7月25日,北京訊)今天,美國耳機潮牌SOUL在北京香格里拉飯店,舉行"與鳥叔一同感受音樂" 2014 SOUL品牌發布會。身為代言人的韓國著名Hip Hop歌手鳥叔PSY空降現場,與大家一...

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14 May 2014

10 May 2014 KOAHSIUNG, Taiwan- A successful partnership between SOUL and PUMA at the annual PUMA Night Run in Taiwan has completed its first stage in Koahsiung, Taiwan.  The next stage will be held on May 17th, 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan whe...

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